Secret Wood Unique and Exclusive Hand Crafted Rings

By | October 6, 2017

Secret Wood is one of my most frequently visited websites. I keep wandering around the site because they are unusual art pieces, and I see them more than just an ornament. Are you a lover for miniature art? Well, I am. Thankfully, Secret Wood made my wish come true to wear something which is far from conventional jewelry. They give a magical finishing to the otherworldly beauty which fits your fingers in perfection. Secret Wood gives deals and discount in the form of Secret Wood discount code and coupons for the average person to purchase.
Secret Wood discount code
Secret Wood is one of the largest online retailer of personalized rings with exotic themes, a blend of creativity and thoughtfulness. Currently, it has a collection ranging from $90-$165, with huge variety of wooden rings and silver rings on international shipment service. Roman Wood, one of the co-founders of Secret Wood admits that British Columbia itself is a world of realistic landscapes; with majestic Pacific Ocean, turquoise lakes, snow-capped mountains, unique forests, crashing waterfalls. This Canadian company was started in December 2015. By using Secret Wood promo code, you can get discounts or free shipping offers. Don’t be late to shop something for yourself or gift a special person these customized hand-crafted wooden rings.
Secret Wood coupon code
I believed it is the one of the best site to find my fantasized rings at reasonable prices and ordered one so. I purchased Eternal Blossom custom ring and I absolutely adore it. ‘Kuddos’ to the people in the customer service and the makers. From start to the end, they are very quick in responding to the emails, and the best thing is that you do get a preview image of your ring before shipping. The price is reasonable even in custom-made pieces. What are you waiting for, pick one of these grotesque rings at reduced prices with Secret Wood coupon code.
These mini landscapes encapsulated wooden rings comes in different themes such as Azure Falls, Coral Reef, Silver Ocean, Oasis, Eternal Supernova, Le Bouquet, Enchanted Forest and the list goes on. Each Secret Wood design is one of a kind. It is a pure kind of fine art, absolutely gorgeous, beautifully conceptualized and fits like a dream. Different kinds of fresh woods, resin jewelry and beeswax are used to shape these mysterious rings. They are made in such a way that the ring glows when the light hits them in the dark. Some special rings have golden flakes and real flowers finishing.
Secret wood discounts
Due to the meticulous care to every detail, the maker takes 5 to 6 weeks to deliver one product. But the wait seems to be worthy. Ring on your finger is uniquely only to you because no two rings are exactly the same. The favorite part is that the ultra-creative packaging design. My ring has come in a beautiful lavender scented treasure box, which smells so good every time I open it. So, this is another unexpected bonus.

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