Classic Vintage Beauty Products at Besame Cosmetics

Classic Vintage Beauty Products at Besame Cosmetics

Besame Cosmetics helps you to travel back to the vintage glamour world. It has an inclusive collection of unique antique inspired make-up aids. Because the femininity is more amplified when it is classic and elegant.
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Vintage is always my favorite theme – whether it is a decor, food, cars or accessories. Being called it as an old-fashioned, retro style, it got its own way of carrying an exceptional elegance. Not going more into depth, I will come to the purpose of my blog – Besame cosmetics , classic cosmetics for the modern women. Have you ever tried how to get that perfect look of silver screen beauties of 1940’s? Those red lipstick shades, bob curly hair, ultra-long eye lashes, pinkish over the apples of the cheeks, smokey eyes with thin brows is the ever-lasting style for a woman. That kind of finishing is available with Besame beauty products, which was founded by an artist, designer and a cosmetic historian named Gabriela Hernandez. Her passion for make-up was even realized at the age of 12 by her grandma’s beauty routine. With the love on vintage beauty aids, she finally developed her own retail store at California in 2004. Now, it is one of the most beloved vintage makeup brand for many Hollywood elites and fashionistas. Besame gives deals and discount in the form of Besame Discount Code and coupons for the average person to purchase.
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Besame cosmetics has the collection of lipsticks, foundations, Mascara set, fragrances and respective accessories. Armine, Bésame Red, Cherry Red are some of the on-demand lipsticks on the store and online market. They are available in 12 stunning shades which are pigment-rich, long-lasting coverage with extra smooth conditioning formula, even nourished with chamomile and aloe vera extractions.
I like 1920 cake mascara from every other product of Besame cosmetics. It is a modern interpretation of a traditional make-up. Cake mascara is placed in an attractive red-colored vintage tin; hence I guess it is named as Cake. It is more hygienic, less clumpy and easy to reapply. The reason for my love to this product is the wrapping; it is the cake but not the tube. Even though, this type of packing is not new to the industry and mind you, Mascara’s didn’t always come in the tube initially.

A perfume is my very personal; I cannot share it even with my best friends. For a person like me who is very picky with fragrances is definitely a delicacy. ‘Decades of fragrances’ is my favorite line which took 6 years for research and exploration for Gabriela and her team. They took very keen interest in bringing the essence of a time gone by. The collection of six sample perfume bottles starting from 1910 to 1960’s era will give day-lasting freshness.
Somehow, I developed an obsession towards this old-fashioned style of make-up. Can’t wait to grab some stuff from Besame Cosmetics. Getting a high-quality make over will cost you a penny more; Dealsbooth gives you the advantage of Besame coupon code and promo code.

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