Covid-19 Tips: 4 Simple Tips to Save Money & Manage Finances during COVID-19

Covid-19 Tips: 4 Simple Tips to Save Money & Manage Finances during COVID-19

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc around the world, impacting every walk of life. Businesses, small, medium, or large have copped a severe blow to their sales and revenue further resting in layoffs. Employers and employees, especially small businesses are at the risk of facing cash crunch with the recession looming at large over the global economy.

Though the CARES Act has lent a healing hand to both businesses and individuals with economic aid and relief packages, we must actively seek new ways to save money to remain unscathed during this pandemic.

To help you guard yourself against this crisis, Deals Booth has come-up with 3 smart tips that can help you save money during this COVID-19. Read on to know:

Save money on your car insurance:

With you opting-in for remote work from home options, one thing is clear for sure – you will not be using your car as much as you have used pre-COVID-19. As one of the factors used to calculate the premium is the number of driven miles in the car, this could be the perfect time to lower your insurance payments by claiming lower usage (mileage).

Given auto insurers are already offering discount rates on insurance premiums if you haven’t got the call yet, reach out to the insurers asking for the right deal. You can save quite a lot on your insurance while not coping with any losses during this pandemic, a safe and simple way to save money.

Skip the take-out and plan your meals:

If there is one thing that most people gained due to this lockdown, it would be time. So why not use this time to make healthy meals in place of splurging on take-outs. Since food is one of the major monthly expenses, replacing take-outs with home cooking can be a money saver during this pandemic. On top of this by resorting to home cooking you can save additional bucks on raw materials with discount offers, coupon codes, and discount codes on the food & drinks category from Deals Booth.

If you ever wanted to treat yourself with a gourmet meal, you can also enjoy our discount offers and promo codes on Sun Basket meal plans here.

Smart online shopping for groceries:

Grocery shopping has to be another major monthly that quietly makes a hole in your budget and as you spend most of your time in your home during this pandemic, you need more groceries. However, using online coupon codes and discount offers on groceries from Deals Booth you can make savings on your grocery shopping since you will be planning your meals. we advise you to make a list of all the ingredients you need for the week and order only them to avoid impulse shopping, This way you can buy only the stuff you need without overspending and this way you can also leverage the updated discount offers and coupon codes on groceries as they come.

By renewing your insurances and cutting a better deal with your insurance company you can add on your savings without any risk. Given food and groceries make the majority of expenses during this lockdown you can save a lot of money by being mindful of your purchases and using available discount codes and coupon codes on food & drinks and groceries. For more coupons and discount offers on clothing, apparel, computer, electronic accessories or any other essential purchases come this way:

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