Does COVID-19 have Impact on Coupon Sites in the USA?

Does COVID-19 have Impact on Coupon Sites in the USA?

The United States of America is known as a business leader and is at the pinnacle of every known industry. However, the same country has now turned into an epicenter of the COVID-19 disease. With over 800,000 lives affected and approximately 44,000 people succumbing to the disease, the nation is currently struggling to cope up with issues and limitations of the worldwide pandemic.

Many industries have shut down and suffered major losses in the past few days of the quarantine period. With manufacturing and logistics sectors completely shut and trade between countries cut off, all the businesses now face devastating losses. The affiliate marketing industry falls under the few most affected industries due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Effects of COVID – 19 Pandemic on Coupon Sites in the USA

The impact of the pandemic on the coupon sites of the USA are rather complex. There has been an imbalance in the affiliate marketing industry in the USA due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

1. Treacherous Impact

The good news for the affiliate marketing industry is that the pandemic has not completely forced it to shut down all its services. However, the industry has been turned upside down. The sectors fetching most audience attention and revenue have now gone to the bottom of the list. In place of them, sectors like medicines, entertainment, groceries, health, and sanitation, etc. have taken control. There is a lot of demand generated from these sectors and the offers are framed accordingly. The clothing, gyms, online shopping sectors are now completely shut.

2. Sudden Change in Business Perspectives

Business enterprises or the sites focused on providing coupons and deals from multiple sectors are managing to stay afloat. However, the platforms which were focused on rigid and specific range of products, are suffering. To gain revenue, coupon sites need to shift their focus to other flexible products.

3. A Decrease in Ad Revenue

There has been a considerable decrease in ad revenue generated. It is an expected change. With most businesses shut down and major digital e-commerce platforms restricted from trade, the inevitable loss from ad revenue cannot be avoided.

4. Reduced Commissions

With the market crashing and businesses going down, many firms have cut down their referral rates. The referral deals which received maximum commissions are shut down. Instead offers on products that already have low prices are being advertised and listed which fails to gain adequate commission for the coupon sites.

5. A Rise in E-learning Platforms

With the people locked down in their houses, many of them are switching to e-learning platforms. With colleges and schools relying on online classes, many deals and discount coupons are available for joining these e-learning platforms.

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on affiliate marketing are multifaceted. There are many downs and a few ups for the coupon sites in the USA. What happens after the end of this pandemic is a major question. But for now, the impact of the pandemic on this industry is like a mixed bag of 70% of sorrow and 30% of joy.

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