Halloween is the best holiday ever. Here are the reasons why:

Who doesn’t love a holiday? Especially when it is as fun and pep as Halloween. It is quite a refresher for everyone from their daily grind, providing a sense of thrill and fun. This super awesome and spooky festival goes a long back in the history.

So, where did it all start?

Halloween finds its origin as the part of an ancient Celtic festival ‘Samhain’ that is held at the end of each harvest season every year. It is observed as ancient Celtic New Year by pacifying the evil spirits with bonfires, costumes, and masks of animal heads. But the word ‘Halloween’ is derived from the All Hallows Day i.e. All Saints Day that is celebrated on November 1st. Over time the Harvest festival of October 31st and All Saint’s Day of November 1st happened to be celebrated together as the Halloween. It was soon adopted by many cultures around the world and it has been first introduced to the United States in the 19th century.

Unlike Christmas or any other festivals, Halloween is no under strict obligations and arrangements. It’s all about going out and having a free-spirited good time. Kids love dressing up for Halloween in their favorite spooky costumes, play the ‘trick or treat’ and load up the candies.

Halloween is all about those small creative things that make it a super fun to celebrate. Here are the reasons why Halloween is the best festival around:

Awesome decorations:

The freaky haunted houses, Jack-o-lanterns, Pumpkin carvings, the spooky skeletons hanging from trees, bonfires and ghoulish decorations brings-up the spirit of Halloween without being expensive or sentimental like other festivals. More importantly, it is voluntary. If you are not into Halloween you can stay in and relax during your holiday.

The festival of costumes:

Halloween is that one festive occasion that allows us to dress up and transform into anything that we like to be. Picking up a costume is as fun as wearing one. Kids especially love dressing up in their favorite costumes, to head out on to the streets, door to door for trick or treats. Adults love making it fun for their kids, by dressing them up like their favorite superhero, celebrity cartoon character, vampire, witches and what not?

The Treats:

The cupcakes, brownies, candies, pumpkin spices lattes, and there is the whole list of yummy delights make Halloween the favorite night for people with the sweet tooth.

Special offers, Discounts, Deals online:

Being a crowd favorite, Halloween marks the start of highest sales peak time in the year and market is flooded with amazing offers, discounts, and deals on almost everything from a pin to the pan, candy bags to clothing apparel and more. All you have to do is the find the best deals for your needs and you are assured the best price in the year.

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Halloween is for everyone:

Halloween is one of those rare occasions which brings people from different backgrounds together. Christmas is celebrated by Christians, Thanksgiving by Americans, Jews have Hanukah, but Halloween is for everyone.
Especially for those who love to dress up and adore candy.
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Halloween is the best holiday ever. Here are the reasons why:, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating